M&MR Trading is supporting producers in the distribution of technically complex industrial goods in Poland

About Us

M&MR Trading GmbH is a family owned company that has been operating in the Polish market and supporting industry enterprises in their market activities since 1991. There are many globally recognised and renowned companies that rely on our 25 years’ experience and competencies in launching technologically advanced industrial products and breaking into new markets.

In 1995, with the objective to extend our own and our partners’ sales network, we set up our Polish affiliate – M&MR Trading Polska Sp. z o.o. Over the years, it grew to the ranks of a distributor specialising in the sales of rubber products on technology markets, and its current operation includes both engineering design projects of original equipment and distribution of spares and consumables.

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Both business units of M&MR Trading Polska Sp. z o.o. – TransComfort and PHOENIX Xtra Print Polska – make use of innovative and proven products and technologies and provide comprehensive system solutions and services.

From the early days of the company, our core business has been firmly grounded on customer proximity, unique quality of tailor-made products, comprehensive services and all-round product and application safety. Meeting our customers’ needs, developing our competencies and ever extending our product range are the key factors behind the success of our business, and they prove that we understand the essential role of future-oriented operation.

In Summary

  • Family business
  • More than 25 years of experience
  • 55 employees
  • 5 locations in Poland and 9 sales offices
  • Communication possible in German, English and Polish

Our Team

Our greatest asset are the close and collaborative business relations we have built over the years with our partners, customers, suppliers and other market participants.

Similarly, as a team of 55 employees within the company, we find personal and trusted interrelations to be the recipe for our business success. Our team in Hamburg:

Marek Rochlitzki

Marek Rochlitzki

Retired since 01.01.2023
Margareta Rochlitzki

Margareta Rochlitzki

Managing Director
Martin Rochlitzki

Martin Rochlitzki

Managing Director


Our experience has taught us that knowing the country, people, culture and language helps break any business barriers in no time, and, consequently, create a sound and cooperative foundation for business. Our knowledge of country-specific obligations and requirements for, among other things, products and services makes it easier to proactively identify any challenges and risks and then define them accurately in order to prepare the most suitable business strategy.

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Our consulting services are comprehensive in nature. On top of our market and product expertise, we also take care of other related aspects, providing support in, for example, regulatory requirements, product certifications, networking, as well as in selecting and implementing a suitable marketing strategy.


Building your own sales structure is extremely exacting and costly. By making use of our infrastructure and know-how, you will be able to reach your sales targets more swiftly, productively and cost-efficiently. Additionally, we will make every effort to maintain the right image of your products.


Our Polish commercial company enables us to join you or the end customer in preparing and completing any storage and delivery scenario. If required, our department will take care over all transport coordination operations.


As part of our market support, we create added value for both manufacturers and customers by introducing product-, system- or market-specific services to our product offer. Our in-house engineering team provides individual support in each case, by means of close cooperation with the manufacturer and the customer.


We have an extensive trade infrastructure in Poland. In addition to our head office in Gdynia, we have four other locations and numerous sales offices. Our core business is currently focused on the rail and commercial vehicle market, railway superstructure projects, mechanical and plant engineering, loading technology projects, heavy industry and mining, a coordinated product range for the printing industry, product solutions for a wide range of industries and cross-sector consulting, engineering and services. In addition to our core business, the spare parts market has also become an important pillar of our company. We have adequate storage capacity to meet demand quickly and reliably.


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M&MR Trading GMBH


Business consulting

  • Sales consulting
  • Networking
  • Marketing & trade events
  • Logistics
  • Product certifications


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Technical Wholesaler


Business Unit

  • Railway vehicle market
  • Commercial vehicle market
  • Track superstructure and infrastructure projects
  • Construction of machinery and equipment
  • (Heavy) industry
  • Mining industry

Phoenix Xtra Print Polska

Business Unit

  • Professional offset and flexography printing portfolio
  • Graphics services
  • Cutting and barring of offset blankets
  • Laser engraving of varnishing and flexographic plates
  • Sales of printing machines

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M&MR Trading GmbH

Hainholzweg 123
21077 Hamburg

Telephone: +49 40 77 01 33
Fax: +49 40 766 62 97




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